Account Current Balance system enhancements
Blog post · 22 Aug, 2013

Happy to announce that a long-in-development enhancement has been released! This update changes the way that PocketSmith deals with current balances, and dramatically improves accuracy and recency of your balance information. Finally, PocketSmith can use the native balances given by the data provider as your current balance!

Up until now, account balances in PocketSmith have always been calculated based on the final closing balance of last transaction in an account. This means that if your account had no new transactions for a couple of weeks, then the balance would be considered to be a couple of weeks old. Or, if your bank feed didn’t process pending transactions, then your balances would be out of kilter too - you’d only see your balance as at the last posted transaction.

So now behold - the availability of a Current Balance Source option for all of your accounts!

New Current Balance Source options, see the Current Balance for a full explanation!

All existing accounts will continue to function as they had previously, until one of the new options is selected. This means that complete compatibility with the way that things were is maintained, and you shouldn’t notice any dramatic changes to the way that things were previously.

There are some tweaks for the defaults for new accounts - all these details and more are on the wiki page for the Current Balance feature right here.

A quick flashback

It was just over 5 years ago that we launched our first alpha version of PocketSmith.

If you’d like a retrospective peek (and perhaps a laugh along the way), we’ve put PocketSmith circa 8th of August 2008 up at - login with username: demo, password: demo, and have a prod. Or create a new account for the complete magical experience! Head to to have your mind duly blown.

Go have a look, even if just to see the looking-glass / monocle loader effect. Monocle!

And back to serious stuff

Thanks so much for your patience while we got this current balance update figured out. We’ve directed many people to the feedback forum post which started this idea off many times since December last year.

We hope that you enjoy the improvements, and that they make using PocketSmith more useful. As always, please get in touch with any questions at all, we’d love to hear from you.

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