We’re passionate about helping you understand and organize your money.


We do this because we know that the presence of timely and accurate financial information can help you meet your obligations and exceed your goals.

We’re also concerned for the significant percentage of people who are unprepared for retirement. 46% of US workers have less than $10,000 set aside, which means they’ll struggle to get by in their golden years.

An aging population and greater life expectancy will put social security and pensions at risk, so personal savings are now a necessary factor for survival.

Our years of interaction with our users have imbued in us a strong respect for the individuals, couples and families working to save for a better future. Their inspiring stories have strengthened our resolve to provide the best possible assistance that we can in order to see help them succeed.

PocketSmith began with the idea that a calendar and event-based approach would be a powerful paradigm for communicating and managing financial information.

Our work continues, and our vision is to make financial comprehension and decision making as natural as possible for you.

We were founded in June 2008, and are based in the beautiful cities of Dunedin, Christchurch and Auckland, New Zealand. From here, we service thousands of people in 203 countries.
Jason Leong

CEO, Co-founder

James Wigglesworth

CTO, Co-founder

Michael Fulcher

Software engineer

Jayson Hoogeveen

Customer care

Michael Barr

Customer care team leader

Chye-Xian Huang

Technical support

Lachlan Scown

Software engineer

Regan McEntyre

Software engineer

Bridie O'Leary

Growth hacker

Kauia Moriarty

Customer Care

Codie Westphall

Mobile Software Engineer

Lance Wiggs

Non-executive director

Rupert Valero


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