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Everyone has a unique relationship with their money.

So ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions may not have felt right for you. This is why we designed a comprehensive set of features to give you the flexibility you’re looking for.

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Get access to timely financial information on the go

We have a lightweight HTML5 mobile site which you can access on any smartphone, without needing to install an app.
Simply head to mobile.pocketsmith.com.

Bank statements spring to life

  • Bank_upload

    Import your transactions by live bank feed, file upload, or manual entry

    We find that other apps offer only one import option. We give you all three. So if you prefer convenience, link your bank accounts.

    If you’re concerned with privacy, choose our universal file import system - it works for banks in over 160 countries. If you pay by cash, you can create manual entries.

  • Familiar, email-style features for organizing transactions

    Tired of the awful descriptions that come with your bank statements? We sure are, and we have the solution.

    We designed interfaces to let you quickly categorize, rename, find, split, sort and filter transactions, so you can get exactly the information you want.

  • Interactive visuals of your activity

    Do you like pictures? Numbers are telling, but everybody loves to see their bank balances trending in an upward line.

    We’ve made interactive graphs that respond to what you’re looking at: pies show you where you buy most of your groceries from; bars show you how much you’ve spent on fuel this month; and lines show you how much you had leading up to today.

  • Multiple import options
  • Awesome-grade filtering
  • Interactive visuals

Set weekly budgets - and more!

We don’t force you to budget by month because we know your life is more interesting than that.

Weekly_budgets Summary_screenshot_guides

Blue line is your budget

Your total spending is summed up and compared each week.

Nice work!

Green is good; red, not so much.

Quickly see overspends

Move your mouse over the column to see more information.

Narrow down spending

See your transactions by the period clicked on in the graph.

You may get a paycheck every two weeks. And have a weekly budget for Groceries, but a monthly one for power. Your train rides are every weekday and you fill up your car once every three weeks. On top of this, you pay property tax once every two months.

So if you’re planning day-to-day or week-to-week and are using a tool that only lets you budget by month, you may have overspent by the time the end of the month rolls around.

This is why we designed PocketSmith to let you break your budget down into meaningful periods.

Easy Cashflows, No Complex Spreadsheets

How much do you have coming and going each month?
Will you be spending more than you’re earning?
And how much you’ll have left over?

Where the calendar provides you with day-to-day detail, the cashflow statement answers all of the above for your year ahead. Take a step back to look at the big picture, and if you see a problem in future you have the time change it.


Best of all, your cashflow statement draws from your events and transactions, and is automatically kept up to date for you. No spreadsheets or complex formulas!

Of course, if you do want to tinker with your numbers in a spreadsheet, an export to CSV is only a click away.

See your finances with a clarity no other app gives you.

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Thx for sharing @PocketSmith with me - the interface is clean and the calendar is one of the best I've seen! Thanks again!

Ryan Bolz | United States of America