Money management software

Many individuals are wary of using money management software. They worry about identity theft, their family’s financial future, and losing all of their hard earned money. With PocketSmith however, you can put your mind at ease.


Security Features of Our Money Management Software

Your security and privacy are of utmost importance, and we have taken every step we can to ensure that any personal or financial information you input into our software will be kept viewed only by you.

If you are currently having trouble managing your money, we know and understand you may not be able to afford budget software right now. That is why we offer free accounts to our customers. If you are interested in signing up for a free account, take a look at the features it provides.


Your connection to PocketSmith is always encrypted. This means that all information that goes between your internet browser (e.g. pages, images etc) can only be read by the server or your computer - even in the case that someone else is ‘listening in’ to the connection they will not be able to read any of the information that is being transferred - they just get scrambled garbage.

No Personal Information Needed

Our software doesn’t need to know where you work, what your name is, or even where you live. A simple email address is all it takes to begin planning your budget. If it would make you feel more secure, you can even create a separate email account from your primary one to be used just for PocketSmith.

Secure Uploaded Information

This money management software allows you to pull information from your bank statements and credit cards, completely online. However, the program is designed so it will only store certain data, like the description of the transaction, the amount, and the date. Your name and your bank account numbers won’t be stored within the program, making it impossible for prying eyes to access important details.

Your Money Cannot Be Moved

This financial software can help you manage your budget, but it doesn’t hold it. This means that even if you happen to leave your account open and someone accesses it before the automatic logout, they will be unable to transfer or move any of your money from your bank account or credit card.


We care about your security

Security is essential when managing your budget, and we take it very seriously so you feel as comfortable as possible when using our money management software.

Ready to get a clear view of your money?