We're looking for a Growth Hacker

  • Are you a cunning marketer who has experience with SaaS products?
  • Are you excited by onboarding, MRR, churn and LTV?
  • Do you want to grow a global customer base for a fast-growing tech startup?

If the answers to the above are a resounding "yes", then you sound like one of us. Join us and let the world know how PocketSmith is awesome at helping people get control of their own finances. We're working to make PocketSmith the world’s best personal finance management tool!

We have users in 196 countries, and we help them connect to over 11,000 banks worldwide. They appreciate the extra power that PocketSmith delivers over free alternatives like Mint.com.

Our users are an eclectic and intelligent bunch. We love them. You’ll be helping couples, families, budgeting geeks, techs, creatives, businesspeople… the lot. They all use PocketSmith to manage their daily finances and plan for the future.

We’re looking for someone who enjoys understanding our users, and has a keen sense of how to reach them. You’ll have a desire to learn, a sense of humour, and importantly, empathy for the needs of our customers.

You’ll live online, know how to use PocketSmith well, and can work well within a team as well as autonomously. PocketSmith is based in Dunedin and Auckland, so ideally you’ll be in one of these two cities.

Your key deliverable is to organically increase our rate of customer acquisition.

A growth hacker finds a strategy within the parameters of a scalable and repeatable method for growth, driven by product and inspired by data. Growth hacking’s goals are based in marketing but driven by product instincts. A growth hacker lives at the intersection of data, product, and marketing. A growth hacker lives within the product team and has a technical vocabulary to implement what he or she wants.

The essential characteristic of a growth hacker is creativity. His or her mind is the best tool in their war chest. A growth hacker looks beyond adwords or SEO for distribution. Traditional marketing channels often means high cost per acquisition and low life-time value due to high saturation. In an age of social users, the right growth strategy with the right product-market fit will lead to massive scale through viral loops.

The end goal of every growth hacker is to build a self-perpetuating marketing machine that reaches millions by itself; however, growth hacking is a process, not a secret book of ideas. Growth strategies cannot be easily copied and pasted from product to product. Growth is never instantaneous. It is never overnight. It is a mindset at which you approach problems.

From Aaron Ginn's "What is a growth hacker?".

This is what you'll be doing day-to-day:

  • Get and analyse data from multiple sources (e.g. Google Analytics, Mixpanel and others)
  • Rapidly set up and run tests to validate product decisions
  • Help the team understand the results of your tests
  • Increase organic traffic through improved SEO strategies
  • Identifying target market segments, then developing and refining strategies for approaching them
  • Identify and engage with online communities related to personal finance, and manage social media channels
  • Develop messaging and content for our site and channels, including user case studies and testimonials
  • Test various advertising channels, with a focus on cost of acquisition, to determine those channels most profitable
  • Having fun with a great bunch of people

In particular, we're looking for someone who:

  • is creative
  • can write very well
  • has an understanding of statistics
  • is driven by results, and tests, tests, tests
  • demonstrates an interest in learning about our customers behaviour through numbers and qualitative data

Even better, we'd love it if you have:

  • an understanding as to what other SaaS companies are doing to drive growth
  • managed a successful SEO campaign before
  • deep familiarity with online communities and social media
  • experience in the financial sector, or with financial software

How to apply

Please send us an email. Include:

  1. A bit about yourself and what appeals to you about this role
  2. Something you've worked on that you're particularly proud of.
  3. Which cloud products are you most passionate about, and why?

We look forward to hearing from you!

This position closes when we've found the ideal individual, so if you're interested, please don't delay.

Please send your application to [email protected], and we'll pick up the conversation from there.