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Multiple logins at one bank, robust login form handling, wiki links make appearance

Posted on by James

A number of updates have been deployed in the past few days. Firstly, the Bank Feed service now accepts multiple logins at one financial institution, and has had some login form handling tweaked. In addition, we've started to include relevant links to the PocketSmith Wiki within the parts of the application.

Read more about each of these updates below.

Multiple logins at one bank

Previously, the Bank Feed service has only accepted one set of credentials at a single bank. This meant that if you had multiple logins or account at the same institution, you'd only be able to connect one set of accounts to PocketSmith.

As well as an adjusted per-bank menu in the Feeds overlay, an "Add Credentials" option has been added. When you select this option, the login form will be displayed for the bank again, and you can add more credentials for the institution. Once this has done, you'll be able to start syncing the new accounts found to your PocketSmith.

Currently the messaging system is not optimized for displaying the status of multiple credentials. This means that after adding credentials, only your older accounts may appear, although your new credentials are being checked and new accounts found. Just give things 5 or so minutes, then check the Feeds overlay again. We'll be resolving this problem in the coming days.

Login form and label handling

We've made adjustments to how we handle the login forms received from the data provider to be more robust when non alpha-numeric characters are included in login fields and institution names. If you've been having trouble adding your institution and it has a non alpha numeric character in its name (for example, "BB&T") please try again - all problems should be now resolved.

Wiki links make an appearance

You may notice "info" images such as Information.png appear within the application. These indicate that there is a wiki article available which further explains the item that the image appears next to - click on it to be taken straight to the relevant article here.

If you find a particular area lacking in explanation, or if you expected to see a wiki image somewhere and didn't, please get in touch and let us know.