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Your accounts are now organized into tabs, which are available on the Calendar, Merchants and Bank Statements pages.

Manage your account from here

The 'Manage' link in the sidebar gives you quick access to all account management features.

Accounts and forecasts now combined

No more managing forecasts separately. Forecasts can now be assigned to specific accounts.

'Calendars' are now Scenarios

An account can have multiple scenarios, and you can move scenarios to and from other accounts. Watch the overview video (1:18)

j More information

The new version of PocketSmith focuses on Accounts, and each of your Accounts now comes with a Scenario that contains its cash projections.

Assign multiple Scenarios to an Account, and group multiple Accounts under one Scenario.

l Preview and test

We're testing and refining these features on our test server. Come check it out, help us find bugs, and give us feedback!

= Migrating your account

When the Account Summary upgrade is activated, PocketSmith will ask you to fill in these details when you sign in.

Confirm that Live Feed accounts that already have institutions, and add institutions to accounts that don't have them.

If you have linked account balances to your calendars, PocketSmith will merge the two into one account. Unlinked calendars are kept on as scenarios that you can later move between accounts.
Test drive the features and give us feedback!
Use our test server with a snapshot of your data.
Your live account will not be affected.

Use this form to give us feedback.